Short & to the Point


Nothing prepares you for being an entreprenuer.


"It's like riding a roller coaster or sky diving - scary as hell, but fun, and exciting, and unpredictable." My best friend nailed it. Nothing prepares you for being an entrepreneur. I worked my first day from 7:30am to 9:30pm. My second day I called it quits around 7:30pm. Two very frustrating days figuring out all the things I don't know - finalizing documents of incorporation, more legal paperwork, more phone calls to even more people. The list seems endless. I was trying to get it all done on an iPad because my new laptop hadn't yet arrived. That was just bad planning on my part. Said laptop took another couple of hours to install, because, Windows, and no IT department to speak of. I'm not complaining, I had an idea what I was getting into, but the truth is that it will be next week before I start business development and all these things that are normally handled by IT, accounting, marketing, business development, and whoever else are now dealt with by Natalie Terrill, Founder at Perceptive, Inc.

Natalie Terrill