Advancing the design and construction of the built environment by creating sustainable projects that add value to the bottom
line while benefiting our communities and the planet.

Project Certification

A tried and true approach to project delivery that avoids unnecessary cost and frustration during project certification.

Setting the course:

Streamlining design & construction practices with the project team early in process.

Selecting the rating system and creating a custom road-map of your project's best practices, sustainable strategies, and applicable codes and standards.

Calculating the environmental and social impacts.

Financial Incentives

Need help finding financial incentives, but don't know where to start?

Taking out the guess work:

Performing feasibility studies of available incentives at state and national levels.

Simplifying the application process for targeted incentives.

Referring you to "approved providers" when necessary.

Codes, Standards & Best Practices

Navigating the rapidly changing building codes, standards and best practices across specialty issues is challenging. There's a lot to consider when designing for indoor air quality, stormwater reuse, or optimal daylight.

Knowing the importance:

Providing real-time research on local building codes, standards and rating system language.

Leveraging diverse knowledge across multidisciplinary issues and engaging with the project team.

Drawing from an extensive network of industry experts.

Policies & Guidelines

I understand the importance of implementing your strategy and policies consistently across the organization or community.

Digging into the issues:

Mapping cost implications.

Benchmarking latest standards.

Writing or updating Sustainability Guidelines.

Employee & Stakeholder Engagement

You're working hard to change or update your organization's policies or achieve a building certification. It's time to educate, train and engage cross-functional teams so they're not left behind.

Getting it done:

Presenting lunch & learns.

Hosting and facilitating group workshops.

Moderating and speaking at events.